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Version: 1.1.0

Environment variables

Within the developer environment, we use a few environment variable to ensure that any test datasets created aren't going to be made permenant. At the current stage of the application a few data repositories provide a test environment for developers to test on. You will have to use a .env file to add these environment variables directly into the application.

# zenodo

# GitHub

# Access Token encryption key
# You will have to disconnect and reconnect your accounts for this to take effect.
VUE_APP_ENCRYPTION_KEY=XXXXXXX # You can use any string here.

# GitHub OAuth
# Create an OAuth application on GitHub and add the client ID and secret here.

If you need to create your own dev environment, you can provide your own value for the environment variables. None of these will affect the data that you already have and only refers to the login mechanisms.

For developers at Fair Data Innovations Hub, you may use the environment variables provided in this repository: @fairdataihub/env-files

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