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Version: 1.4.0

Running the application

FAIRshare has been developed as an Electron application running a Vue 3 based front end.

Vue frontend running in Electron

To compile the front end application and open it an Electron instance, use the following command:

yarn electron:serve

Using this command should compile your application and also allow hot-reloads for development. The dist_electron folder will be created at the root of your project and is your final actual electron application with an automatically generated package.json and index.js files.


You don't have to worry about this folder too much. It should also automatically copy the pyflask folder to the dist_electron directory. If you would like to change/modify this functionality, look at the functions in gulpfile.js in the root of the project.


This method will most likely not work since the require module is not available in the browser and requires a node environment.

To run only the Vue frontend on your browser you can just use the following commands:

yarn serve

This will compile your application and also allow hot-reloads for development. If you want to test any components that don't use OS native calls this is a good alternative to have. In my opinion I would recommend using the electron compilation command because this should you the most up to date state of your application.


This instance will still not have access to the native node libraries since these are provided through the @electron/remote module.

If you want the backend to also run alongside the browser instance, just open a new terminal instance and run the following command:

yarn python:dev

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